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Here are a few tips that can help every homeowner increase the lifespan of their garage door. 

Rolling code technology reduces the possibility that your garage door will be vulnerable to code grabbing. Using special hacking-devices, intruders can intercept the codes your remote control wirelessly transmits to your opener, and then use them to gain entrance into your home. Rolling code technology makes your system change its codes after every use, so even if they are intercepted, they become irrelevant.
Even if your garage door is in good condition, or it has recently undergone maintenance work, you should keep your distance from it while it's in motion. Don't forget that these systems can be affected by external factors as well as everyday use. Something might go wrong and parts might snap, so keeping a safe distance is a good precautionary habit.
Garage door maintenance is usually too complicated to be performed by a non-expert. If you lack the knowledge and tools, you might manage to lubricate certain parts but probably won't succeed in fully maintaining the door properly. It is important to inspect, adjust and fix every part. If you want to be proactive, perform a visual inspection and test the balance of your overhead door, and then inform our experts on what needs to be handled.
Installing new garage door parts is harder than it looks. You might think that all you have to do is to remove the old components and install the new ones, but things are a bit more complicated than that. Oftentimes, several different parts must be removed and replaced together, and if one such part, a tense spring, for example, is not handled correctly, an accident could occur. Just have our experts handle it for you.
When dealing with your door's springs and cables, you should always remember not to attempt to repair them on your own. These components are under a lot of tension and they can cause serious injuries when handled the wrong way. Furthermore, they usually require special tools to be fixed. Just give us a call and one of our expert technicians will solve your issue in no time.
If you're getting a garage door for the first time, make sure to take precise measurements of your garage. When it comes to choosing the type of the door model for your home, our experts suggest that you keep the local weather conditions in your area in mind. The door's exterior will be constantly exposed to them.

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